Situation Report

Sector Status

Protection (GBV and Child Protection)

GBV survivors got psychosocial counseling
people targeted


  • There are limited places of safety for survivors of gender-based violence (GBV), especially vulnerable children.

  • PPE is required for non-medical GBV responders such as social workers, police officers, prosecutors and others.

  • There is a need to provide children in Mantapala refugee settlement with reusable masks as opposed to disposable one. Children are sharing masks and re-using the disposable ones which exposes them to high risk of being infected by COVID-19.

  • Support the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS) to ensure continuity of child and family welfare services during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • At least 352 people (115 females and 237 males) have been provided with psychosocial counselling and information through the Lifeline/Childline call centre.

  • Sector partners procured 100 handwashing buckets and basins to be delivered and distributed in Western, North Western and Luapula provinces. These are specifically for One-Stop-Centres and maternity wings in the various health facilities.

  • Orientation for religious leaders and traditional leaders on COVID-19 and GBV is being implemented in Lundazi and Kalumbila.

  • Sector partners supported MCDSS with identifying and conducting refurbishments of shelters to be used for vulnerable children including GBV survivors.

  • MCDSS commissioned weekly virtual training sessions for district and provincial social welfare officers. The training sessions will reinforce the nexus between emergency and development work in view of continuity of child and family welfare services during COVID-19.

  • MCDSS developed a guidance note on the ECT targeting children and families for whom there is an existing, or a new risk of family separation during or due to the COVID-19 pandemic; including those that have already separated.


  • Limited imperially researched and verified sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) data in the context of COVID-19 to inform the response.

  • Limited training on personal well-being and mental health for frontline workers including call centre counsellors.

  • Limited funding to make masks available to all children in Mantapala refugee camp.

  • Due to funding limitations partners are constrained in realising the planned services and activities on GBV and child protection.